Climate change has been happening in different cases due to various human factors. The majority of the human factors are negative, and they affect the environment in many ways. Many safety precautions are being enforced to prevent this from happening and distracting the environment. There are several factors that indicate the chances of an adverse change in the climate. These are mainly caused by human activities which affect the environment negatively. The majority of human factors have made the world to undergo global warming in different countries of the world.

People are now engaging in dangerous

People are now engaging in dangerous activities like cutting down trees without replacing them. This is greatly affecting farmers because it leads to little rainfall that cannot support agriculture. In such a situation, people are at high risk of starving since there will be low food production. At some point, the country may be forced to go borrowing money from other countries to provide for its citizens. There will be the increased dependency of this country on other developed countries. Such problems can be solved when persons take responsibility for conserving the environment.

Boat racing strategies

When disadvantages of the environment such as global warming start, there will be a loss of different human recreational activities. These activities include ice skating that is a tourist attraction, earning revenue for a country. Such activities will not be carried out because ice on the mountains will have melted. In countries that depend on ice skating as their tourist attraction, there will be reduced revenue. This will also result in unemployment if its citizens depend on selling goods to tourists. As a result, the living standard of individuals will reduce and increase their dependency on employment, while increasing theft cases.

The problem of climate change can on the other way lead to increased volume of water in the oceans and seas. Such an increase in the water level will result in different disadvantages. These include covering important coast features which were of advantage to the people. This, therefore, leads to a reduction in tourism when these features used to attract visitors who pay revenue. It is a big issue for boat racing practices which are of great fun. Increased water volumes result in ocean and sea storms that are a hindrance to navigation.

Starting boat racing during these storms is dangerous for it can lead to loss of life. Boats are likely to sink and kill people sailing, therefore they need to take care of. They should avoid boat racing for them to preserve life because it is dangerous.